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Now you can keep up to speed on all aspects of your Health & Safety. Your membership gives you 24/7 access to the Ask the Expert, A-Z Guidance and Management Sections, providing you with a direct channel to answer your specific questions and address your concerns.

Use the links below to see specific health and safety guidance for your specialist sector.

Towergates MIA - Charities
Towergates MIA - Dental
Towergates MIA - Hospice
Towergates MIA - Surgeries

For more general guidance on premises management, please use the link below.

Towergates MIA - Property Management

Remember to re-visit your Risk Assessments, whenever there is a change in a work area, it may be a new piece of equipment, new staff or change to a work process. It cannot be emphasised enough that Risk Assessments will save time and if the findings are acted upon lead to a safer working environment.

Your membership will help you enjoy a safe and productive working environment. It will at the same time, give you peace of mind on the continuing welfare of your staff.

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